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West Hylebos Wetlands Park in Federal Way, WA, is a beautiful nature preserve showcasing the best ecologically-friendly Washington. It is located east of the city of Federal Way, at the end of South 329th Street. The park is part of the larger Hylebos Creek watershed, draining into Puget Sound. It is an area of high biodiversity and is home to rare species. Information can be found here.

The park consists of 472 acres of mixed wetland and forest habitat. It contains two tidal arms of Puget Sound, two creeks, and much incredible wildlife. Over 200 species of birds have been spotted here, as well as numerous deer, coyotes, otters, and other small mammals. The park provides a safe refuge for these animals and allows people to observe and appreciate their unique characteristics. This is especially beneficial during migration season when visitors can witness different species' communication and social behavior. See here for information about Secoma Lanes: An Iconic Bowling Alley in Federal Way, WA.

The park is also home to several trees and other plants adapted to their wetland environment. These include Douglas fir, western red cedar, western hemlock, red alder, willow, and other shrub species. In addition, some species of endangered and threatened plants can be found here.

In addition to the beautiful wildlife, West Hylebos Wetlands Park also features several park facilities and amenities. Four miles of hiking trails with interpretive signs help visitors understand the area's local ecology. There are plenty of picnic areas, grills, and a playground for the kids. Anglers can take advantage of the park's ample fishing opportunities, from the banks of the two creeks or off the two tidal arms.

Educational programs are offered regularly at West Hylebos Wetlands Park. During the summer, visitors can learn about the park through activities like nature walks, plant identification, and more. The park also has several environmental education programs for schools, families, and youth groups. These programs are designed to teach students about the environment and how to protect it.

Overall, West Hylebos Wetlands Park is a unique and beautiful nature preserve showcasing some of the best that Washington offers. Its varied ecosystems are home to some of the region's most unique and rare species. This is an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the area and see nature in its natural state. In addition, the park offers plenty of recreational activities, educational programs, and amenities to ensure everyone visiting has a great time.  So if you're looking for a fun and educational outdoor experience, visit the West Hylebos Wetlands Park in Federal Way, WA.