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Bowling has been a beloved pastime in America for generations. But, in Federal Way, WA, one place stands out: Secoma Lanes. With its vintage-style lanes and modern-day amenities, Secoma Lanes is an iconic bowling alley beloved by locals. Learn information about Federal Way, WA.

Secoma Lanes has been around since the 1950s when it opened its doors to the public. Since then, it has undergone many changes and renovations but has kept its nostalgic charm. It has hosted USBC-sanctioned tournaments and has been the home of the world-famous “Secoma Handicap League” since 1964. In 1977, the previous owners sold the bowling alley to Mr. Ken Biddle, and over the past 43 years, he has been the caretaker and owner of Secoma Lanes. Discover facts about El Centro Skate Rink: A Fun, Family-Friendly Skate Park in Federal Way, WA.

The bowling

alley is one of only a few left in the area that still uses old-fashioned wooden lanes. While less technologically advanced than the synthetic lanes found in modern-day bowling alleys, these lanes help give Secoma Lanes its unique and vintage vibe. Even with the wooden streets, the bowling alley has modern amenities, such as the digital scoring system, to keep the league and tournament games organized and accurate. The bowling alley also offers a full bar and café that serves your favorite bar food.

In addition to its vintage-style lanes, Secoma Lanes is also well known for its family-friendly atmosphere. For years, the bowling alley has encouraged children to participate in their youth leagues and tournaments, hosting Saturday morning and afternoon leagues. In 2009, the path even hosted a youth summer camp that covered the basics of bowling, such as lane etiquette, bowling technique, and scorekeeping.

Aside from its family-oriented atmosphere, Secoma Lanes is also well known for its wide variety of bowling leagues, including a Tuesday night high school league and a Wednesday night church league. The alley also hosts corporate groups and special events, from birthday parties to fundraisers.

Secoma Lanes has been an active part of the Federal Way community for the past 60 years, providing a place for locals to experiment with their bowling skills, have a few drinks, and kick back with friends. It is an iconic bowling alley that has stood the test of time in this city and has become an icon of Federal Way.

The alley also remains a hot spot amongst bowling enthusiasts from around the area who come to take part in the weekly tournaments and leagues. It is a place for league bowlers to hone their skills and casual bowlers to enjoy a good time. From its vintage lanes to its modern amenities and family-friendly atmosphere, Secoma Lanes is an iconic piece of Federal Way.