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Port Orchard Bathroom Conversions

If you're ready to refresh your bathroom, there's no better choice than the company known for their industry-leading bathroom conversions in Port Orchard: GRC Prime Bath. Since 2017, we have been the trusted source of comprehensive bathroom conversions, including tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub. 

Whichever of our conversion options you choose, you will get first-class service, high-quality products, cost-effective solutions, and long-lasting results. 

Comprehensive Bathroom Conversions in Port Orchard

Finding the right solution for your outdated bathroom can be challenging. Luckily, our bathroom remodeling contractors have more than 30 years of industry experience and can help you decide which of our products and services are right for you. 

All of our industry-leading bathroom conversion options offer the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Design Consultations
  • Customizable Colors, Designs, and Products
  • High-Quality Products Made with Durable Multilayer Acrylic
  • Low-Maintenance Products that are Chip and Crack Resistant
  • Mold and Mildew-Resistant Nonporous Surfaces
  • Seamless One-Day Installation
  • Competitive Prices, Flexible Financing, and Lifetime Warranty Options

Luxurious Tub-to-Shower Conversions

If your tub is outdated and hardly ever used, consider one of our tub-to-shower conversions. We can transform your unused tub into a luxurious shower customized to fit your style and needs. Whether you want a traditional shower or an accessible walk-in shower, we have high-quality products built to last. 

Relaxing Shower-to-Tub Conversions

If your shower is no longer fitting your needs and you want the option to take a relaxing bath after a stressful day, consider one of our shower-to-tub conversions. We can design and install a state-of-the-art bathtub designed to reflect your needs. With stylish wall surrounds and beautiful fixtures and finishes, all of our bathtubs are magazine-ready, including our walk-in tubs. 

Learn More About Our Seamless Installations From the Leading Port Orchard Bathroom Conversions Team

Are you ready to update the look and functionality of your bathroom? The bathroom contractors at GRC Prime Bath are prepared to provide you with a seamless one-day tub-to-shower or shower-to-tub conversion. Since 2017, we have been a leading Port Orchard bathroom remodeling company that has earned a reputation for offering industry-leading solutions customized to each customer. 

Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive bathroom conversion options, or fill out our simple online form to request a free consultation and project estimate.