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KidsPlay Children’s Museum in Stover, Missouri, is a must-visit destination for children of all ages. This interactive children’s museum helps kids learn and explore the world around them in an engaging, hands-on environment. The museum is dedicated to serving area families, schools, and other groups by providing a fun and educational experience. You’ll also find something for all ages, as the museum is split into large sections, each designed to cater to a certain age level. The museum also offers special programs, workshops, and events year-round, making it a great place to visit again and again. Information can be found here.

At KidsPlay Children’s Museum, kids are encouraged to explore, learn, and play in an immersive environment. This includes a variety of interactive exhibits and activities. One of the most popular sections is the Look and Move Pavilion, which features interactive science and nurturing behavior-related games. From making music with your feet to building cities, kids of all ages learn and play in the Look and Move Pavilion. Kids also love the Creative Arts Pavilion, where they can explore the world of music, art, and dance. In addition, kids can hone their creative skills through artmaking, performances, and activities, from music to crafting. Discover facts about Coe Memorial Park: A Stover, Missouri Landmark.

KidsPlay Children's Museum in Stover, Missouri, is an excellent place for families to spend the day together. The museum offers educational, interactive, hands-on exhibits that engage visitors. Kids can learn while playing, and parents can enjoy the fun. The museum has something for every family member, making it an ideal place to spend the day together.

The museum is divided into four sections. Toddlers have their dedicated play area, complete with age-appropriate activities, such as a “Science & Technology Area” and a “Performing Arts Center.” Older kids will be delighted by the maritime-themed areas, such as an “Imagination Lab” and a “Playful Pirate Cove.”

Visitors can experience interactive exhibits like the “Living Ocean Explore,” which are designed to provide an interactive experience for guests. For example, kids can experience the ocean up close and personal by diving into a large tank filled with vibrant sea creatures. Another popular exhibit is “The Lost City of Atlantis,” an underwater journey taking guests through a magical world.

The Parents Lounge, located on the museum's second floor, is an excellent place for parents to relax while their kids explore. The lounge features comfortable furniture, TVs, and free Wi-Fi. The museum also has a cafe serving food and drinks so visitors can take a break from the day's activities.

Parents will love the museum's unique offerings. These special programs provide interactive learning opportunities for kids. Programs change monthly, but some are photography workshops, science experiments, and art classes.