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Bremerton Bathroom Conversions

Do you ever feel like your needs have outgrown your current bathroom? High-quality, professional bathroom conversions can help you get back on track by swapping out your existing tub or shower for something that fits your lifestyle a little better. GRC Prime Bath is your top choice for industry-leading bathroom conversions in Bremerton. Our team has decades of combined experience and a growing list of satisfied customers behind our name.

And, best of all, we make things simple with a free design consultation and simple, one-day installation. Whether you are looking for a shower-to-tub conversion or vice versa, our team has the experience that you need for a successful project.

Every bath conversion comes with a long list of perks, like:

  • Free Design Consultations
  • Wide Variety of Customizations
  • Damage-Resistant, Durable Materials
  • Non-Porous, Easy-to-Clean Surfaces
  • Professional Installation
  • Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage
  • Affordable Pricing

Don’t risk your investment in the hands of an amateur handyman to save a few dollars. You might be surprised to learn the incredible value that you can get for an affordable price at GRC Prime Bath. Let our team provide a free design consultation and estimate for your project today.

Enjoy a Soak with Shower-to-Tub Conversions

With professional installation on shower-to-tub conversions, you can get back to enjoying a little hydrotherapy at home. All of our tubs are made from highly durable acrylic that resists damage like chips, cracks, and peeling that make old bathtubs look a little worse for wear. And our tubs come in many different styles, including walk-in tubs and compact sizes to fit nearly any need.

Get More Utility Out of Your Space with a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Bathroom conversions can go in both directions. If you aren’t the type to soak in the tub there may be no reason to keep it around. Use your space the way you want to with tub-to-shower conversions that give you more space for your daily routine.

Learn More about Bremerton Bathroom Conversions

With quality workmanship and industry-leading materials, your bathroom can look great for many years to come. At GRC Prime Bath, we are committed to delivering both. Get started with our Bremerton bathroom remodeling company by booking a free design consultation. Our team will take measurements and help you select the right materials for the perfect bathroom conversion. Call our office today.