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Boise Shower Replacement

A shower should be clean, functional, and safe while being a place for daily relaxation and recovery. If you are a Boise resident with a shower does not meet all of these criteria, consider investing in a replacement shower that will make your day-to-day routine much more enjoyable.

At GRC Prime Baths, our bathroom remodelers complete shower replacements that breathe new life into dull bathrooms and upgrade rundown showers.

Stunning One-Day Shower Replacements to Transform Your Bathroom

At GRC Prime Baths, we create stunning replacement showers that will beautify any bathroom, regardless of the state, size, or material of the currently installed shower. We’ve installed over 550 systems within the span of three years, many of which were for Boise homeowners.

Our Boise bathroom remodeling company works with top brands, such as BCI and Pulse Shower Spas to bring you high quality services and products. Our showers are made to be long-lasting and durable so that they won’t have to be replaced any time soon after installation.

Our staff’s priority is customer satisfaction and ensuring that every project is ultimately successful. Additionally, since time is precious, we avoid unnecessary demolition and cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day schedule to reduce the amount of time your bathroom has to go without a shower. Our shower replacements are often able to be completed within a day.

When you get one of our replacement showers installed, you are getting:

  • High-Quality Friendly Service
  • Personalized Results To Fit Your Wants and Needs
  • Installations As Quick As One Day
  • Long-Term Warranties
  • Affordable Service With Financing Options

Personalized Replacement Shower Installations For Boise Homeowners

Our showers are personalized to fit your wants and needs and you’ll never have to compromise on them. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and accessories that fit your bathroom and home the best. Choose our conventional shower base options, or look into our other types, such as our walk-in showers.

All parts of our showers are customizable, such as the:

  • Shower Base
  • Shower Walls
  • Shower Enclosure
  • Accessories

Upgrade Your Boise Home With a New Shower Today!

Why wait to make your bathroom better than ever? Get a shower replacement in Boise and get rid of your old, rundown shower.

Learn more about our replacement showers or our other services at GRC Prime Bath, such as our new baths or bath conversions.

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