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Auburns Walk-In Showers

For homeowners looking for a unique and versatile bathroom renovation options in Auburn, walk-in showers are an excellent choice. Walk-in showers are a great way to create an ADA compliant bathroom that is sleek and stylish. Walk-in showers can be an amazing way to increase the value of your home and make your bathroom a true sanctuary. 

GRC Prime Bath is a greater Seattle-Tacoma bathroom remodeling company that knows how important your home is to you. We are very familiar with walk-in showers and can help you select one that fits all of your specifications. We will clearly communicate to you about the array of options and features so that you make the choice that fits best for your family.

Choose Auburn Walk-In Showers for a Sense of Security

Bathrooms are the place in the home where accidents are most likely to happen. To make the showers in your home more safe, consider installing a handicap accessible shower or handicap accessible bath. When you have an ADA compliant bathroom, you can increase the value of your home in Auburn. Walk-in showers come with a variety of features that will ensure your home will be a secure place for you and your loved ones for years to come. These include: 

  • Safety Railings / Bars: You can select the number and placement of these railings that help support entering and exiting the shower as well as staying steady while washing. 
  • Seating Options: Walk-in showers can include seats or benches to increase the ease of use for folks who have trouble standing (or just those who want to relax!). 
  • Easy To Use Doors: A roll-in shower or barrier-free shower can help make getting in and out of the shower a breeze. 
  • Slip Resistant Flooring: Manufacturers offer an array of gripping materials, shapes, and sizes to make it less likely for slips and falls to occur. 

GRC Prime Bath: Walk-In Shower Company with Experience

When you are looking for a walk-in shower company that puts customer service first, you'll want to reach out to GRC Prime Bath. We have completed over 550 bathroom remodeling projects in the past 2.5 years, putting us at the top of the industry in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Walk-in shower replacement is quickly becoming one of the largest growth areas in the bathroom remodeler business. We make it a priority to stay on top of the latest changes and features so that our clients receive top quality service. 

One of the most exciting things about walk-in showers are all of the design choices that are available to customers. Our goal is to make sure you are as educated as possible before you make any decisions. That way, we can ensure that you're completely satisfied with the end product before any bathroom remodeling begins. 

Start Your Auburn Walk-In Showers Project Today!

If you're ready to learn more about Auburn walk-in showers and how you can start working with GRC Prime Bath walk-in shower installers today, get in touch for a free consultation. We have a team of experienced and friendly bathroom renovation experts that are looking forward to hearing from you!